About Us


The Awakening Center (TAC) was founded in 2013 from a Vision from God. Our focus is to help deliver souls from bondage of any kind and help people discover their true identity & who God called them to be .Our foundation is based on the word of God. We believe that people should prosper spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. As an organization we put God in the center of Our ministry he’s the one Guiding us. Every step of the way , we believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God ; and that His crucifixion and resurrection symbolizes God’s love for humanity and His plan to save all people from perishing and to have everlasting life.

Faith Statement

We believe that the year coming, is the year that God is elevating His people! 2022 is the year of favor!!! I pray that God opens doors that no man can shut and as you build your relationship with Him you will come into a deeper relationship with Him! I pray that you will walk in authority and receive answers to the things you’ve asked for in prayer. #Theyearoffavor #2022

Our Mission

The Mission of The Awakening Center (TAC) is to sow the seed of hope and love, locally and internationally. To carry the gospel of Jesus Christ, and His fellowship to the unchurched, alienated and excommunicated beyond the traditional connotation. Our aim is to bridge the gap socially, economically, and spiritually for Kingdom advancement and occupancy. Our mandate and assignment is to share the glorious light of Jesus Christ in the dark places, through a building culture of apostolic governance, high praise, worship and prophetic expression. Equipping the saints for the work of ministry, and accepting those who are seeking a “new beginning” in the Kingdom of our God.

Our Vision 

The vision of The Awakening Center (TAC) is to be a body that displays the love of Jesus Christ and connects with people from all walks of life through discipleship, outreach activities, and social reformation. Our vision is to intentionally create atmospheres that will usher creation into intimacy with Jesus Christ alone. We purpose in our hearts, to communicate the Gospel of Grace and The Kingdom. We will make disciples Of Jesus, baptizing them in the name of the Father, The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Teaching a lifestyle of obedience to everything that the Lord has commanded. We relentlessly chase the radical and transforming power of Jesus, who is strong mighty and just.